I Want To Be Lula
vendredi 6 janvier 2012
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My impeccably lovely friend Lula agreed to share with all of us her vision for 2012 as well as a glimpse of her glamorous life at Herself headquarters. IWTBAR asked, "What do you forecast for 2012? For yourself? For Herself? For the world of fashion, art, and beyond?" and below is her delightful response. Of course Lula showed up for her interview looking just like Carine Roitfeld on the cover of i-D... très sexy, très chic... Merci mille fois, beautiful Lula!

I Want To Be Lula.

Myself, Herself.
So I want to wear black and look for the bright sides.
And the wild ones.

I Want To Keep On Searching.
And keep on painting my own reality.
Keep borrowing words from the others.

I Want To Go To Places I Have Never Gone Before.
And come back home at night.

I Want To Start Writing A Diary.
I'm not sure I'll ever share its pages.

I Want To Draw Everything.
Print it on paper, on silk, post it online.

Lula as Carine Roitfeld illustrations © 2012 Lula — The Subject I Know Best. All Rights Reserved´╗┐.

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