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Giovanna Battaglia's Style

In looking through my collection of photographs of Giovanna Battaglia, I simply must share a few of them with you. I began composing the shots pictured here with the idea that I would talk to you about how Gio excels at combining a single piece with others to invent completely different looks as with the purple skirt and the shirt dress...

Then I was gripped by Giovanna's inimitable sense of color and I began having difficulty being an editor — how to choose the very best among so many dynamic looks? It confounds me every time, she uses color so simply and so correctly it seems natural that we would all do it. Yet this trait is soooo Gio! That's why I included the shot below with the yellow heel and the green coat, rather than giving in to my preference to show her stunning reuse of the pink and green Prada shoes. With that yellow heel, I would never think of the bright green jacket mais, bien sûr... Giovanna Battaglia, I salute your style.

Giovanna Battaglia photographs courtesy of Fashion Spot

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Reader Comments (22)

A) Love her style so much. Just amazing. I completely agree with you on her use of colour. I normally am influenced by people that use a lot of black in their outfits (i.e. CBK or Carine) but Gio just bowls me over.

B) Your collages remind me of the great ones that I found at mydailystyle.es.

I keep going back to them and looking at all the duplicates in her outfits!

C) Unlike Carine, where I get the feeling that she reuses signature pieces because she truly loves them, for some reason I get the impression that Gio is duplicating because she is living out of a suitcase. Still impressive how she creates all those great looks but I just feel like the duplication comes from a different place... necessity vs love.

9 juin 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTanya

Love love love her. And do you remind the Scott Schuman shot of her in Milan, when she cross the street and wears a blue silk skirt By DG with boots...Aaaah So awesome!

10 juin 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMadame M

A great sense of color & proportion.

10 juin 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKate

Fabulous Gio! She's got style and I love seeing it evolving over the years. Can't wait to see her in 10 - 20 years time! She'll be up there with Carine.

10 juin 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAmina

Tanya, I hate to admit my ignorance, but who is CBK? It is interesting that you note that Giovanna and Carine may wear signature pieces repeatedly for entirely different reasons. I had perceived Giovanna as liking the challenge of styling distinctive pieces in creative ways but perhaps it is simply necessity! I have read that her clothing consumes most of her apartment though and that she never throws away anything... What ever the logic behind Gio's choices, j'adore her style!

10 juin 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina

Bonjour, Madame M ! I do indeed remember the photograph by Scott Schuman that you are referencing. That is why her style is iconic in my mind, distinctive and memorable always.

10 juin 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina

That's it exactly, Kate! Proportion is so important, thank you for reminding us of that.

10 juin 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina

Hello, Amina! Yes, we can look forward to years of amazing style from this woman, that is for sure.

10 juin 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina

Sorry kelina. This is completely unrelated to the Roitfelds. CBK is Carolyn Bessette Kennedy my ultimate fashion icon who passed away a little over 10 years ago. I am a huge fan of her fashion sense.

I remember reading this article and becoming instantly smitten with her style. It's sophisticated yet still seems accesible:

Here's a collage from Ultimate Carolyn

10 juin 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTanya

Oh, of course. Thank you, Tanya. I am not as familiar with Carolyn's style so I appreciate the links to the photos. She is a true beauty, the definition of the word "willowy", non ? That's a word I rarely use but apt in this case. Also, I notice that she rarely wears distinct signature pieces, instead tending toward classics that while clearly quality are mostly nondescript: black dresses, black jackets, white shirts, jeans. If it weren't for the pointy shoes I wouldn't even know the time period in which she was photographed. Yet each image is indelibly Carolyn. Her premature passing is tragic.

And please don't be sorry! We can discuss things outside of the realm of Roitfeld from time to time!

; )

She is an interesting subject, thank you for drawing that parallel.

10 juin 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkellina

Agreed kellina, her pieces seemed very classic, basic, minimalistic, and timeless. And honestly anyone could have worn them. I think that just adds to her mystique. Carolyn was recognized as an icon during her lifetime, had a model 's body and access to a lot but she chose that impersonal mysterious style. She never talked to the press. It seemed to me that she dressed like that so we couldn't really know anything about her. Or maybe she dressed like that so we could see her more as a person and it wasn't about the clothes... She was supposed to have had a dazzling witty personality. Her grooming is impeccable. She was simultaneously low maintenance (basic clothing, classic colours/shapes, basic hairstyles) and high maintenance (perfectly put together, perfectly done makeup/hair she was a natural brunette yet we never saw her roots, extremely expensive clothing). A complicated person, there is something special about her even all these years later.

Now back to the Roitfeld family, whose matriarch I adore almost as much ;)

10 juin 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTanya

Tanya, I feel such a shiver of recognition! "It seemed to me that she dressed like that so we couldn't really know anything about her." — this is my typical aim in dressing! It is so hard to believe her beautiful hair is not her natural color, I think I am ready to go blond now...

; )

Thanks for getting me hooked on a fascinating new style study, I look forward to learning more about Carolyn and her life.

10 juin 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina

Love, love this girl! OK, she's got stunning legs and some people could think that it's easy to be elegant when you are skinny and tall (and when you receive lot of clothes for free). But it is not so easy. Lot of girl are thin and rich without the "Bataglia's touch".. She have a great sence of fashion and elegance.

11 juin 2010 | Unregistered Commenterisabelle

You are right, Isabelle, she certainly makes it look easy to be elegant but it is a knack and she has it.

11 juin 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina

I love her looks! I especially love her bangs!!

15 juin 2010 | Unregistered Commenterthebeautyfile

Hello, TBF! I forgot about her bangs, I had to go back and look again after reading your comment. They are cute on her and I like her hair straight as well. Gio is lucky in that she looks fabulous with her hair both curly and straight.

15 juin 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina

I am thrilled with this website!! Such beauty and style abound! Giovanna Battaglia is gorgeous and puts herself together impossibly well. Carine so sexy and attractive. Among many things, she is a lesson on age being just a number. Julia is simply beautiful. Thank you so much Kellina. PS I think you will like my blog/online magazine in which I include many of the amazing women you cover so well. It would be an honor if you visit www.silvinadibar.blogspot.com. xoxo from key biscayne and buenos aires.

15 juin 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSilvina Dibar

Merci, Silvina ! It is my pleasure to create it and I am so happy to hear that you like it. I like your blog as well, enchanté ! Please let me know if you would like to exchange links with me. xoxo

16 juin 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina

Kellina, it is an honor to exchange links with you! Merci beaucoup. Silvina

17 juin 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSilvina Dibar

Wonderful news, Silvina! I have linked to you as well. Merci mille fois !

17 juin 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina

I just noticed something that I'm very surprised I didn't notice before...Giovanna bears a striking resemblance to Audrey Tautou! Particularly with Mlle. Tautou's more recent look- they have the same colouring, and their bone structure is equally amazing. (I'm a big fan of Audrey, and I think they are both stunningly beautiful).

26 juin 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDru

Dru, you make an interesting point. I am not as familiar with Ms Tautou but having looked at a few photos I can see a resemblance to Gio.

27 juin 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina

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