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Vogue Paris Translation: Editorial, December 2009/January 2010

Below is my translation from French to English of Carine Roitfeld's editorial for the December/January issue of Vogue Paris. Those that expressed curiosity as to the selection of Laetitia Casta as the guest editor for the issue can gain insight into Carine's thoughts on the process here. I regret that I am so late with the translation this month but I did not find my copy of VP until the 23rd despite constant checking of my favorite outlets. Fabulous news for readers regarding future translations: my ever so thoughtful and sweet beau reads my blog and he heeded the lists I made— one of the many lovely gifts under the tree for me this year was a subscription to Vogue Paris!  [Merci bcp et mtm ftw!]

On ne veut évidemment pas la réduire à ça, pourtant c'est la première chose qui saute aux yeux. La beauté astrale, les yeux couleur océan, les jambes de panthère, le sourire qui fait pschitt... Cette merveilleuse présence, cette puissance photogénique ont été un sésame pour Laetitia Casta, devenue en un éclair le top model français le plus adulé de l'histoire, universellement convoité. Vogue, sa couverture, elle connaît.

Il se trouve que la plastique ravageuse couve un incendie. Un besoin vital de froisser l'image, d'explorer plus loin, quitte à y laisser des plumes. On peut citer presque au hasard le théâtre, un désir de baptême du feu dans la peau d'Ondine, le cinéma, l'épreuve du trac à vif face à l'ogre Depardieu ou sous l'oeil sans pitié de Raoul Ruiz. Jacques Weber dit qu'il ‹‹est sidéré par sa spontanéité, sa liberté absolue et sa justesse dans l'intuition››. Pour Depardieu, ‹‹elle est simplement intelligente. Elle a la vocation››.

Modèle de femme française, ‹‹icône de la joie hexagonale, grand public et allurée››, pour citer l'écrivain Claude Arnaud qui l'a rencontrée, Laetitia Casta est l'invitée exceptionnelle de ce numéro de noël. Elle en a composé le générique, de la Corse à Pedro Almodovar, de Gerard Depardieu à Nastassja Kinski, en passant par le souvenir d'Yves Saint Laurent.

Il y a des choses qu'on n'explique pas mais qui crèvent d'évidence : la Casta a l'étoffe des grandes. Clin d'oeil du destin : dans deux mois, elle sera une incandescente Brigitte Bardot sur grand écran. Les dés sont lancés.

One cannot reduce her to this obviously, yet it is the first thing that strikes the eyes. The astral beauty, the eyes the color of the ocean, the legs of the panther, the smile that makes one fizzy... This marvelous presence, this photogenic power has been a sesame for Laetitia Casta, becoming in a flash the French top model most revered in history, universally coveted. Vogue, her cover, she knows.

It is discovered that plastic smolders devestatingly in a fire. A vital need to offend the image, to go higher, even leaving feathers. We can cite almost at random the theater, a desire for baptism by fire in the skin of Ondine, the cinema, the test of stagefright is a raw deal against the ogre Depardieu or under the merciless eye of Raoul Ruiz. Jacques Weber said he "is stunned by her spontaneity, her absolute freedom, and her accurate intuition." For Depardieu, "She is simply smart. She has the vocation."

The model French woman, "icon of hexagonal joy, widely public and alluring," to quote the writer Claude Arnaud who met her, Laetitia Casta is the guest editor of the exceptional Christmas issue. She has written the generic, from Corsica to Pedro Almodovar, from Gerard Depardieu to Nastassja Kinski, through the memory of Yves Saint Laurent.

There are things which one does not explain that burst with obviousness: Casta has the makings of a major. Wink of fate: in two months, she will be an incandescent Brigitte Bardot on the big screen. The dice are cast.

[Editor's note: Laetitia Casta plays the part of Bardot in Serge Gainsbourg, vie héroïque due to release on January 20.]

Vogue Paris editorial image © 2010 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


I Want To Be A Roitfeld In V Magazine

Whooot!! Derek Blasberg mentioned I Want To Be A Roitfeld in his "Blasberg's Best of 2009" for V Magazine, essentially noting that this is the chicest resource on the chicest family in the world. Je vous remercie mille fois, Derek, très sympa. I wanted to document this moment as well as Carine Roitfeld's stunning flexibility.

Carine Roitfeld and Lady Amanda Harlech photograph © 2009 V Magazine, LLC.  All Rights Reserved.


Julia Restoin-Roitfeld In Kult

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld looks sultry on the cover of the fall/winter issue of Italian magazine Kult. The caption in Italian reads, "Figlia della fashion hgh society, creative director, testimonial e modella di base a New York City, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, è la nuova icona di stile. Libera, impertinente, ribelle e seducente. Julia allo specchio." In English this translates roughly as, "Daughter of fashion hgh society, creative director, spokesperson and model based in New York City, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld is the new style icon. Free, cheeky, rebellious and seductive. Julia is a mirror."

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld images courtesy of Kult Magazine


Happy Birthday Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld!

According to his sister Julia, today is Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld's 25th birthday and what a prosperous year he celebrates. Vladimir translates from Russian as "one who owns the world" and in the New York art world he is hard at work on making good on his name. He sold a million dollars worth of art for Richard Hambleton this year as well as quite a few works for Nicolas Pol at a better price than previously fetched. Let's not forget the "Three Photographers" show that happened in February of this year, another artful success in Vladimir's favor. Probably the best gift of all is the relationship he formed with Giovanna Battaglia. Bon anniversaire, Vladi !

Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld and family and friends collage photographs courtesy of cobrasnake, nymag,com, papermag.com, Park Avenue Peerage/Patrick McMullen, and style.com.
Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld and Carine Roitfeld photograph © 2009 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.


Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld Fix

I have been curious as to what is up with Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld between exhibits. Finally here is a little something from Fashion Week Daily: a très drôle curatorial matchup between Vlad and Vito Schnabel. On the following page they analyze Dasha Zhukova versus Masha Baibakova, seems like dealing art is the hot career choice maintenant, hmm...

Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld and Vito Schnabel image © 2009 Fashion Week Daily. All Rights Reserved.