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CR Fashion Book Issue 8: Made In America

In her own words, Carine Roitfeld describes her vision for the eighth issue of CR Fashion Book, which takes as its theme “Made In America”:

"In the '80s, fashion created a fantasy around the American girl—athletic, toned, smiling, happy, gracious, and perfect. For me, no model was more iconic than Christie Brinkley—with her white teeth and blonde hair—and her image was so compelling that it set a new beauty standard. Now, suddenly, in 2016, we see the comeback of the American model, and I find myself so excited by the new generation of stars. From young icon Gigi Hadid and new muse Staz Lindes to fresh face Bentley Mescall and intense beauty Kayla Scott, a class of U.S.A.-born girls is seducing fashion with striking yet uncomplicated looks…

Each of them brings something very special to fashion: Gigi with her beauty and personality; Staz with her bohemian spirit and talent as an actress and musician; Kayla with her fierce, confident attitude, and Bentley with her innocence… Social media has changed the way girls become discovered and build on their success, but the DNA of the American supermodel hasn’t changed at all: she is still healthy, smart, hard-working, independent and always arrives with a smile… Our readers love fashion and follow models as closely as we do. Of course Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian have created huge buzz for us in the past, but I always like to balance the celebrity covers with model covers that speak to the dedicated lovers of fashion — such as myself…

My dream for this issue was to play with pop cultural ideas of the American woman to create something brand-new: a 21st century vision of Baywatch-era Pamela Anderson on Camila Morrone, a contemporary Miss U.S.A. on Olympic Gold Medalist Sanya Richards-Ross, and a modern expression of native beauty on Alice Metza. I chose as muses some of the most inspiring American 'girls' of all time, who fascinated the world (and continue to do so) with not only their beauty and style but their wit, grit, courage, and intellect. From Sacagawea, who helped open a path to the American West, to Emily Dickinson, who rewrote the conventions of poetry, to Jackie O, who served as a global symbol of endurance and grace. There's something about these women that is unshakably inspiring. I hope you think so too."


Mademoiselle C chose to grace the “Made in America” covers with Gigi Hadid photographed by Sebastien Faena, Staz Lindes by Bjorn Iooss, Bentley Mescall by Felix Cooper, and Kayla Scott by Rory van Millingen. Which of the four covers is your favorite?

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CR Fashion Book images courtesy of crfashionbook.com.


Carine Roitfeld X UNIQLO Collection Debut

Dear readers, how many of you plan to shop the Carine Roitfeld X UNIQLO Collection at midnight? I hope very few of you in my size… The 69 pieces designed by Carine Roitfeld in collaboration with UNIQLO are now featured online, and although not officially on sale for a couple more hours, the Carineness of the collection is uncanny. If you are looking for a wardrobe of chic, simple pieces to combine effortlessly, CR X UNIQLO is all you need. In case you are thinking like me, one of each, I have done the math: $4908.10 for the entire Carine Roitfeld X UNIQLO Collection, a very low price for infinite chic.

(15 pieces)
Wool vest, tailored jacket in black, grey tweed, charcoal pinstripe; tuxedo jacket in black; wool collarless jacket in black; soft wool jacket in black; wool chester coat in black, grey tweed; faux fur coat (short or long) in black, leopard.

(30 pieces)
Silk lace camisole, sleeveless shirt, camisole dress, silk shirt with or without sleeves in black, camo, leopard; 3/4 sleeve dress in black jersey with grommet neckline; merino, mohair, or cashmere sweater in black; faux leather long sleeve shirt in black; sheer polka dot shirt; short sleeve tee shirt graced with an illustration of Carine Roitfeld.

(11 pieces)
Tight fit skirt in wool in black, grey tweed, charcoal pinstripe, with or without pocket, faux leather with grommets at the hem, tuxedo; slim fit pants in wool blend in black, grey tweed, charcoal pinstripe.

(13 pieces)
Shoulder and tote bag in black croc pattern; silk stole and tie in polka dot, camo, leopard; tights in black in five patterns.

View the Carine Roitfeld X UNIQLO Collection video

Download the UNIQLO App

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Carine Roitfeld X UNIQLO Collection images © 2015 UNIQLO. All Rights Reserved.


Carine Roitfeld: Instagang

According to Interview Magazine, Carine Roitfeld is one of the most powerful personalities on the Internet. In the September edition, also known as “The #Me Issue,” Interview asked their #Instagang —100 of the most influential people online — to create their own selfies for publication. I love the image that Carine contributed, captioned “French kiss,” trop mignon. Obviously I hope you are following Carine Roitfeld on Instagram; for added excitement, follow her partner Christian Restoin.

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Carine Roitfeld photo © 2015 Brant Publications. All Rights Reserved.


Happy 61st Birthday Carine Roitfeld!

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Carine Roitfeld and family photographs courtesy of Instagram.


Carine Roitfeld: 7 Cardinal Scenes

When I read the artist statement by Rebecca Dayan yesterday I was reminded of the piece “7 Cardinal Scenes” from the Vogue Hommes International Spring/Summer 2008 issue under the direction of Carine Roitfeld. Asked to submit an inspiring erotic image, the seven subjects happily complied. The editorial opens as follows: “It is a well-known fact that erotic images chanced upon whilst flicking through a magazine or visiting an exhibition sometimes become ingrained on their beholders’ minds and imaginations. In a ‘Vogue Homes International’ exclusive, seven stars reveal the powerful visions that stoked and fired their libidos.”


“I had this poster over my bed, in California, when I was ten years old. Every morning I’d open my eyes to this vision of Farrah Fawcett. Her hair, her smile, the colors on the cover pulled taut behind her. It looked like an ice cream ad. I also remember vividly that you could see her breasts through her t-shirt… this image made a lasting impression on me.”


The Postman Always Rings Twice, the sex scene on the kitchen table, with Jack Nicholson, and Jessica Lange in beige stocking and garters. Unforgettable.”


“I see the mechanical world as a source of eroticism. An example would certainly be a shiny piston in a cylinder. I go for this photograph taken by Bettina Hubby. The subject has all the mechanics necessary to be considered erotic. But the dilemma should be which do you attend to first?”


“Looking at The Origin of the World, there’s a sense of birth and desire at the same time, an awareness of your own mortality. It is the alpha and the omega.”


“Picasso’s Bathers is erotic not because of its overt sexual nature, but because of its abandonment, the amount of enjoyment he suggests the women are having, and, of course, because of the pleasure Picasso himself — and the viewer with him — is taking in looking at these women.”


“Hippolyte Flandrin’s Figure d’Etude is an early erotic image for me. I saw it in a book in high school. There have been many others like it and in ‘Paranoid Park’ we have a similar image.”


“The nude wrestling scene from the film Women in Love with Alan Bates and Oliver Reed, 1969. For some strange reason I accompanied my parents to this film in the theatre when I was eight years old.There is this scene where the two actors take off their clothes and wrestle naked in front of a fireplace. I was riveted and not really sure why, but I knew that I found this very interesting.”

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Vogue Hommes International editorial images © 2008 Condé Nast. All Rights Reserved.