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CR Fashion Book: Hush Little Baby, Don’t You Cry

CR Fashion Book: Hush Little Baby, Don’t You Cry
By Kate Ringo Suzuki

The first issue of CR Fashion Book is entitled REBIRTH. Carine Roitfeld is signaling that she herself is perhaps going through a rebirth in her own life. Or at the very least, that CR Fashion Book is her tender baby, and she is its loving, protective mother. As mothers we love, protect, and guide our babies, but they grow up to be whomever they are destined to become.

Her first editorial is entitled, “Hush Little Baby, Don’t You Cry: A Story About Second Chances and Active Imaginations.” Carine Roitfeld provides the visual imagery, beautifully photographed by Bruce Weber, to accompany a poem entitled “Doll Baptism” by Edwidge Danticat. In it, Carine teaches us about second chances, those points in life when we decide to embark on a new path. What is required is the pure mind of a child, or what in Zen thought is called “Beginner’s Mind,” as well as an active and positive imagination, and a kind of freedom from negative, so-called “realistic” thoughts and worries. In her tale, CR teaches us about openness to the idea that we can make our dreams come true.

The editorial opens with the first line of Danticat’s poem: “When I was a little girl in Haiti, whenever my friends and I would get a new doll (often a white one), we would always have a doll baptism.” 

A doll baptism is a purifying ritual. Here Carine Roitfeld activates our inner little girl: Little girls love playing dress up, they are sweet and innocent, they love their stuffed bears, they love ponies and ballerinas, and they read nursery stories. They love life. They have no worries. They have freedom. Model Kate Upton wears a Little Bo Peep outfit, courtesy of Leg Avenue. It’s funny that these Leg Avenue costumes are featured here so innocently. The reality is that these costumes are marketed to grown-up women looking to spice up their lackluster sex lives — mostly women having a mid-life crisis who are bored with their husbands and want a change. Sure her shoes are Manolo Blahnik, and if you look closely, her coat is by Chloé — that coat is resting at her back. Kate holds a baby pony while a gorgeous male model dons a bear costume. And sweet Audrey Harrelson, the girl model, wears a tutu by Capezio. All have blond hair, hinting at the innocence of childhood.

“We would gather all our friends together to introduce our new doll to our tribe.”

Kate Upton wears another innocent outfit from Leg Avenue. She lounges on a blanket in the grass surrounded by happy naked babies. She is not the mother, but is more like one of them, as happy and as innocent as they are. They make a happy tribe. So we see that changing one’s life takes innocence, a beginner’s mind, and cannot thrive in isolation. Dreams need a tribe of like minds, free and clear, to help them along. The other page is a black and white photo of young Audrey Harrelson wearing a ballerina costume and a tiara while petting a baby pony. We see that Audrey dreams of becoming a ballerina. While she is playacting now, she does not doubt her dreams.

“Then we would choose two of our most special friends to be the godfather and godmother.”

We need mentors. People who love us, watch over us, and see our potential. Kate wears a frothy marabou dress by Alexander McQueen, a vintage children’s apron in gingham embroidered with The Three Bears, and vintage angel wings. She wears a tiara by Oscar de la Renta and holds a baby pig. Carine is reminding us of our childhood memories and feelings by referencing stories such as "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" and "Three Little Pigs" as well as fairies and angels.

“Sometimes the godparents were other little boys and girls, but other times, we chose adults as godparents because they could afford the cola and cookies needed for the baptism reception”

Mentors and supporters of our dreams come in different forms. They can be a part of our tribe of free thinkers, friends of like mind, or they can be more experienced, and perhaps provide financial support. Kate Upton wears a Jil Sander coat over a Leg Avenue dress. She holds a baby lamb and a tutu. She is a grown woman but she has the innocence of a child. She holds the lamb close to her heart, like a child holds a stuffed toy. She holds her innocence close. She doesn’t want it marred.

“Sometimes we would want to keep our doll so close, we would assign no one — not even our beloved brother — to be the father.”

Dreams are delicate. Sometimes we must hold our dreams in our hearts and not share them because we must preserve them and the innocence of the thought, for fear that our dreams could be destroyed by well meaning naysayers.

“And we would say, if anyone asked, that the family pet or one of our stuffed animals was the father because they would not be competing with us for playtime with our doll.”

This is about how our dreams are special to us. We see Audrey Harrelson wearing a tutu and holding a real baby. The male model wears his bear costume and holds the baby pony. They look at one another and Audrey smiles. Audrey, but a child herself, holds a real baby close, as we do with new dreams. We hold our new dreams dear, but we are like children. We know we need more growth to handle them.

“For a while, it was almost as if our doll was alive... As alive as a flock of birds.”

A flock of birds finds its direction instinctively. They work as a group and it comes naturally. So do dreams come about.

“Or a litter of puppies, or a cloud of butterflies, or a real baby... And we imagined and we dreamed what it might be like to one day be mothers to mules or monkeys or unicorns or to real babies who would wail, and moan, and look like us.”

And so there we have it, Carine Roitfeld, the dreamer.

[Editor's note: View Hush Little Baby, Don't You Cry, a short film by Bruce Weber.]

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By Dara Block

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Carine Roitfeld photograph courtesy of thewildmagazine.com. CR Fashion Book images courtesy of crfashionbook.com


Inside The Pages Of CR

Inside the Pages of CR
By Dara Block

Yes, the anticipation is on for the second issue of CR Fashion Book, which comes out in February, but until then I thought it would be appropriate to take a moment to appreciate the beauty and creativity of three of my favorite editorials from the current fall/winter issue of CR Fashion Book.

First, let's start with the editorial "How do hue do?" photographed by Brigitte Niedermair. The editorial features this season's hottest accessories mixed in with a kaleidoscope of color, pattern, and some strangely chic wigs. Personally, I love the humor, wit, and imagination depicted in this layout. It is obvious that Carine Roitfeld was very much inspired by the late Diana Vreeland and her brilliant eye-catching Vogue editorial she styled back in 1968. Just look at that striking red hair with dramatic necklace and you can easily see where Carine Roitfeld found her inspiration.

Yes, Carine Roitfeld was very much influenced by Diana Vreeland's vision, but I so admire the way in which she took her idea and transformed it into something completely unique and individual to her aesthetic. She managed to take a vintage image and manifest it into a look that is completely modern and so CR. My first favorite look is this purple wig with Lanvin clutch and Miu Miu necktie. The styling is superb and I love the purple tones... this is how color should be done in editorials... a total visual feast for the eyes, how could you not love this!

I admire that vibrant red wig featured, as well. It's so brilliant the way that hair acts as a mask... very freaky, yet super-chic, at the same time. It's the perfect complement to that black sweater and laced up Fendi boot. Plus, I so appreciate all the details with that Miu Miu necktie, the iPad case, and of course, those beautiful red nails. Just leave it to Carine Roitfed to showcase all those exquisite details. I have a feeling that Diana Vreeland is probably somewhere in heaven smiling at Carine Roitfeld's genius styling! Carine Roitfeld proves that in order to think about fashion's future you must look back into the past for inspiration... love the way her style brain works!

Yet another savvy editorial featured in CR Fashion Book is entitled "Electrapolitan," which features fall's newest faces in some of the season's most interesting silhouettes. Not only does Carine Roitfeld work with new and intriguing photographers like Brigitte Niedermair, but she also has established photographers like Jean-Baptiste Mondino in her magazine. "Electrapolitan" is so stunning to look at especially with all those unique dress shapes. My favorite look has to be this Comme des Garçons puffed out dress as seen on model Marte Mei Van Haaster. Comme des Garçons has been quite popular in fashion layouts this fall and I love the way Carine Roitfeld styled this dress into a look all her own. I totally love that voluminous-chic short hair and if you look past the sequined dress you can see that she is wearing black tights and super high heels, which are very much Carine Roitfeld signatures.

There is another triple-chic looked featured in "Electrapolitan" that pretty much defines how one should dress this winter. Starting from the left, model Cora Emmanuel is wearing an Alexander Wang sweater with a vibrant Callalilai skirt. Model Kati is in a Louis Vuitton top with skirt and an extra Louis Vuitton skirt as a headdress... gotta love that unique styling. Also, on the right, model Magda is wearing a Haider Ackermann jacket with Callalilai skirt. I totally love how all these models look together collectively. If you look closely you can see that they are all wearing the same floral Dolce & Gabbana boots. It's interesting how their outfits are not at all the same, but somehow they coordinate precisely through textures, patterns, and of course those boots.... amazing styling through all those details.

Oddly enough, Jean-Baptiste Mondino is back again for a second editorial entitled "Cosmotropolis." Model Stef Van Der Laan starts the editorial off with a sparkle in lots of gorgeous jewelry and even some chic grills. Her earrings are by Repossi and her necklace and bracelet are by Chanel. I love the way Carine Roitfeld works with jewelry. There is a great mixture of bling balanced with that beautiful black Belfstaff sweater... such a perfect blend.

Personally, I love the way Carine Roitfeld works with black in editorials and in this layout it is all done impeccably. My favorite black styled look is this one featured on models Cora Emannuel and Magda Laguinge. Both are in head to toe Azzedine Alaïa looking very noir chic! Carine Roitfeld always knows how to style Azzedine Alaïa in such a gothly glamorous way. Yes, not every woman could get away with wearing Alaïa leather, but she makes it look so effortless and sharp... two very inspiring winter looks, indeed!

As you can see, all three of these editorials magically display Carine Roitfeld's unerring eye for styling. It's quite interesting to dissect all the details of her layouts, there is so much to discover. One can't help but admire all the intelligence, fantasy, and inventiveness that she has brought to the pages of her magazine. Carine Roitfeld has truly managed to take all of this winter's best looks and transform them into a vision that only true followers of fashion could understand... can't wait to see what she has in mind for spring!

[Editor's note: Please visit Dara at Sisters in Black Frocks, the inspiring blog that she curates with her sister, Erika, and be sure to wish them a happy blogiversary — today is Sisters in Black Frocks' fourth birthday! Congratulations on your milestone, Dara and Erika, and thanks for always keeping it chic!]

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Carine Roitfeld At Valentino

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Carine Roitfeld at Valentino show photograph courtesy of twitter.com/stuartemmrichny


Carine Roitfeld At Berluti

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Carine Roitfeld at Berluti show photograph courtesy of instagram.com/themoanwar


Carine Roitfeld At Versace

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Carine Roitfeld at Versace show photograph courtesy of christinapitanguy.com.br