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Carine Roitfeld For Balenciaga?

Rumors are swirling that Carine Roitfeld has been selected to style the house of Balenciaga following the appointment of Alexander Wang as the new creative director. In case you missed it, here are Carine's thoughts on the best person to head Balenciaga, her remarks were given on the day that the departure of Nicolas Ghesquière was announced. Note that being diplomatic, La Roitfeld does not mention a specific name, but I believe the choice to hire Wang is in keeping with her vision. I would absolutely love to see what this duo would do together for the brand. Although, what will become of the role of Marie-Amélie Sauvé at Balenciaga? Further details as they are known, bien sûr...

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Carine Roitfeld and Alexander Wang photograph courtesy of thenoircarpet.com


Carine Roitfeld: Plaisir Solitaire

Carine Roitfeld and Steven Klein collaborated to devise a provocative editorial for the Fall/Winter 2009 issue of Vogue Hommes International, a meat locker melee entitled "Plaisir Solitaire." I wonder what was on Carine's mind the day she thought of this très bizarre take on solitary pleasure… Perhaps the image below by Guy Bourdin had struck her fancy… Or maybe she was intrigued by editorials such as "The Big Chill" by Vogue (2004) or "Meatpacking" by L'Uomo Vogue (2005), inspired to intensify the dark fantasy and give it her own twist. Whatever her impetus, model Johnny Angel would fetch a nice price on any meat market even splattered with the blood of a hundred cows.

For more of the Fall/Winter 2009 issue of Vogue Hommes International, see Emmanuelle Alt's "On the Road." 

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Vogue Hommes International editorial images © 2009 Condé Nast. Guy Bourdin photograph © Guy Bourdin. All Rights Reserved.


The Essence Of The Givenchy Woman

The Essence Of The Givenchy Woman
By Kate Ringo Suzuki

In her most recent collaboration with the house of Givenchy, Carine Roitfeld proves once again that high fashion can have a soul. Her styling for Givenchy’s campaign for Spring/Summer 2013 has beautifully captured the essence of creative director Riccardo Tisci’s vision of the Givenchy woman: “It’s about real people, only taking the best of their personalities, with no effort.” says Tisci.

The collection is undeniably architectural and menswear influenced, evidenced by tuxedo pants and sturdy jackets rendered in firm wool that stand at attention in straight lines. But do not be fooled — this is not your mother’s austere armor. There is cleverness and brilliance to what Tisci has done. Sturdy swaths of silk satin support large-scale details, like a larger-than-life side ruffle that reveals an unexpected flash of flesh on the side of a woman, her arm, her breast — not too much, not too little, just enough flirt to retain her mystery and power. High necklines punctuated with shiny bold chokers and asymmetry are the norm.

La Roitfeld’s styling is right on the money. Marina Abramovic, Kate Moss, and Mariacarla Boscono model the women’s collection wearing almost bare faces and relaxed undone hair. The boldness of the clothing serves as a frame to highlight the natural beauty of these women. Slicked back hair and red lips would have looked aged and dated. Under Carine’s watchful eye, the women wear the dresses and not the other way around. One photograph features Mariacarla Boscono holding her baby daughter, Mariąlucas; the sexiest grandmother in the world definitely still has baby on the brain.

Further congratulations should be extended to the brilliant black and white photography of Mert & Marcus.  

Take a look at the creation of Givenchy’s Spring/Summer 2013 campaign

Shephoa, Inc.

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Givenchy images © 2013 Givenchy.


Carine Roitfeld And Mario Testino: Upstreet

Today's visual feast comes to us courtesy of a collaboration between Carine Roitfeld and Mario Testino for the December 2000 issue of Upstreet. Shot in locations across the world such as Los Angeles, Paris, New York, Moscow, London, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Tangier, Lima, Naples, Stockholm, and Jaipur, I am fascinated with the array of looks that this creative duo have captured in their editorial. Carine's ability to imbue her images with her sense of humor never ceases to amaze me. Amusez-vous!

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Carine Roitfeld and Mario Testino images via dioramour on Fashion Spot


Carine Roitfeld: Gucci Gucci Girl

In 1998, the British magazine ELLE Decoration had the acumen to ask, "Gucci girl... Tom Ford's muse... What's her place like?" and Carine Roitfeld graciously permitted them access to her Parisian sanctuary for their May issue. She and her partner, Christian "Sisley" Restoin, maintain a minimalist decor that is refined and elegant while at the same time warm and inviting. I admire the eloquent description of Carine and Sisley by editor Sally Brampton: "In the cool, light space of their Paris apartment, the two look like living pieces of Le Corbusier; streamlined and devastatingly elegant."

David Chipperfield is the architect that revamped this 1930s gem into one of the chicest living spaces in the world; much of the bespoke furniture is also his design mixed with the work of Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. The spread was photographed by Martin Morrell for ELLE Decoration. Visit the gallery to see "Gucci Gucci Girl" in its entirety.

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Carine Roitfeld and Christian "Sisley" Restoin apartment photographs © 1998 Hearst Communications Inc. All Rights Reserved.