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CR Fashion Book: Clearly

CR Fashion Book: Clearly
By Kristin Sekora

In the second issue of CR Fashion Book there is a layout named "Clearly." Continuing Carine Roitfeld’s choice of the theme of dance for this issue, which she has studied privately for the past year and a half, the pages are filled with five images of the nude body of a ballet dancer in exercise and dance poses intermingled with beautiful art-quality see-through accessories. The stylist is Michaela Dosamantes.

In the first photo the dancer is in a split with her leg bent behind in back attitude, a practice stretch pose, all the more to take advantage of the soft PVC plastic of the glorious Givenchy shoe she carries on her foot. The shoe’s clear Lucite heel reveals a patterned interior and rests on the silver metal of a heel. The dancer’s perfectly pointed toe is revealed through the plastic. But in this first photo we begin to get the sense that the clearness that Carine Roitfeld intends for us is not the clarity of light but perhaps the see-through quality and nebulousness of a vacuum. Yes, CR is truly a woman of mystery and not to be taken for granted. Why does the dancer have no head? It cannot just be that it is behind her shoulder. No, it is gone. And most shocking of all, for a woman who once published a photo of a model with the Gucci logo shaved into her pubic hair, here Carine has airbrushed the dancer’s sex. The dancer has been defaced in more ways than one. CR is playing with us when she uses the word "Clearly."

However, examined closely, the pores of the dancer’s body are clearly seen, exfoliated with MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. The choice of a dancer instead of a fashion model goes beyond a mere adherence to the ballet theme, for Carine is showing us that the dancer is as dedicated to her art as the truly fashionable woman is to hers. The toughness of the sinews, the tightness of the muscles, all are mirrored in a woman’s pleasure in the touch and feel of the fashion objects with which she surrounds herself.

The photographer, Brigitte Niedermair, known for her startling female nude imagery such as the juxtaposition of a woman’s naked buttocks with a fecund cow’s udders, continues such imagery here. In the next two photos, we encounter perhaps the most beautiful art-quality objects, placed by Carine Roitfeld in the most disturbing context, for our eye is suddenly shocked by what seems to be flesh in an abattoir held by blocks of preserving ice. Is Carine saying that in some way beauty is cold? That we pay too high a price for it? Even the juxtaposition of the two photographs suggests shards of ice coming together. The objects here are incredible. On the left is a Gucci Plexiglas box to hold the lovely contents of a lady’s evening. On the right is a Valentino minaudière of such exquisiteness that it will be handed down for generations. It is Plexiglas, tiny, with the appearance of cut glass, with square marcasite-covered areas and a short burnished silver-toned chain.

In the final two photos, as in all the others, the dancer is contorting herself for fashion. She bends over backward to appreciate the beautiful Hermès cuff on the left. On the right, she does backbends over a PVC Michael Kors shoe with a Lucite heel. Is Carine Roitfeld at base cynical about fashion? I think not. These are exquisite art-quality fashion objects, not just everyday accessories. Carine has "Clearly" chosen to display them against the pristine beauty of a dancer's skin.

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Editorial images © 2013 CR Fashion Book.


Introducing… Jessica Eritou, Contributing Editor

It is my pleasure to introduce a fabulous new addition to the I Want To Be A Roitfeld team — contributing editor Jessica Eritou! Jessica considers Carine Roitfeld to be a major inspiration and influence in her life and I look forward to her sharing her passion on these pages. I hope you will all join me in welcoming Jessica!

Jessica Eritou
Contributing Editor 

Transferring from Carleton University with their own Art History program, Jessica enrolled at the University of Ottawa to study Communication and Philosophy but found her heart and passion was still in writing as she is completing her Communication degree.

Throughout her university studies, Jessica has primarily worked with labels such as; Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Tom Ford.

She considers Tim Blanks, Cathy Horyn, and Vanessa Friedman major influences to her editorial writing. Having worked in fashion for nine years now, her experience in high-end fashion and styling will add a dimension from a hands-on fashion perspective to IWTBAR.

Jessica loves the effortless wearability of Stella McCartney and the finer minimalist details of Celine. Even though she is surrounded by high-end fashion, on her days off you can find her in a slouchy tee and skinny jeans.

Having studied with the Ottawa School of Art, Jessica developed her strength in visual arts, specifically in painting. She is an enthusiast and collector of contemporary modern art.

Jessica was appointed Arts & Culture Editor in the 2014-2015 publishing year for the University of Ottawa's independent paper The Fulcrum.

She is also currently studying Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion with their short course program.

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Jessica Eritou photograph © 2013 Jessica Eritou. All Rights Reserved.


Carine Roitfeld: Belle De Jour

Net-A-Porter publishes an online magazine titled The Edit and the 28 February edition features Carine Roitfeld in an unbelievably sexy editorial styled by herself along with an engaging interview. In the editorial "Belle de Jour," Carine elegantly models pieces by designers such as Rick Owens, Carine Gilson, Equipment, Bottega Veneta, and Miu Miu. The photographs are by Sebastian Faena.

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Carine Roitfeld photographs © 2013 net-a-porter.com.


Carine Roitfeld At Milan Fashion Week

Carine Roitfeld braved the cold during Milan Fashion Week with a chic array of outerwear. If you missed it the first time around, now would be a perfect time to read "The Coats of Carine Roitfeld" by Dara Block for winter style inspiration...

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Carine Roitfeld photographs courtesy © 2013 Condé Nast, all-theprettybirds.com, and stylebistro.com.


Carine Roitfeld: The Gentlewoman

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Carine Roitfeld in The Gentlewoman, Issue No. 7, Spring/Summer 2013 photo courtesy of thegentlewoman.com