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Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld: Hue + Cry

The Roitfelds hosted amazing parties on two continents this week, first with Carine's Black Tie, Smoky Eye celebration to close Paris Fashion Week and then continuing on Manhattan's Upper East Side with Vladimir's Hue + Cry opening at Sotheby's. Clearly stamina is required if you want to be a Roitfeld...

Hue + Cry, A Selling Exhibition Curated by Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld features 30 works by 20 artists, largely unknown, at private-treaty prices that range from $10,000 to upwards of $1,000,000. When asked why he chose the title Hue + Cry, Vladimir replied: “It’s all about powerful brush strokes and distinctive works and looking at them can have a very strong emotional reaction. Many many years ago you could ‘hue’ of joy, and you can also cry of joy. It’s about playing with the terms. When you’re looking at it, it’s so beautiful that you can hue or you can cry.” The artists for sale, should you hue, are Allora & Calzadilla, Ali Banisadr, Kadar Brock, Cecily Brown, Francesca DiMattio, Rob Fischer, Michel Francois, Daniel Hesidence, Jacqueline Humphries, Rosy Keyser, Robert Melee, Jin Meyerson, Joan Mitchell, Albert Oehlen, Angel Otero, Nicolas Pol, Ugo Rondinone, Jackie Saccoccio, and Wendy White. The exhibit is open to the public through 21 October.

Elaborating on the concept behind Hue + Cry and how it developed, Roitfeld shared: "The original idea of this show was to do a whole female artist exhibit, with Joan Mitchell, Cecily Brown, Jacqueline Humphries, Rosy Keyser, Francesca DiMattio, and to show a relationship between the different generations, connecting the dots. The fact that the show was all female artists became the main focus and so we decided to incorporate male artists to the list… In a networked age of following and sharing — of 'pinning,' 'tweeting,' and 'liking' virtual images of fleeting consequence — Hue + Cry strives to lead with the first embodied principles of painting and sculpture. Always physical and tactile, the tools remain simple, the colors a vivid spectrum, and the results infinitely variable as each of the twenty artists gathered here strives to ignite their own interior light… It’s good; it’s good to do a little bit of everything, you know? Working with such an important institution for me is a huge opportunity.”

On hand to support Vladimir and the event were his parents, Christian Restoin and Carine Roitfeld in Givenchy, girlfriend Giovanna Battaglia in Dolce & Gabbana with a collar necklace by Marni, Stavros Niarchos, Jessica Hart, Stephen Gan, Sante D’Orazio, Vito Schnabel, Michael Avedon, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Andrew Kreps, Leo Koenig, Augusto Arbizo, Maayan Zilberman, Stacey Bendet, Aby Rosen, and Kim Heirston. Guests enjoyed passed pigs in a blanket and sauvignon blanc as well as an open bar while viewing the work. The art obviously had his mother and girlfriend huing of joy, Carine gushed: "The show really looks like him, doesn’t it?" and Giovanna observed with pride: “This is such a prestigious location. Every time Vlad does something, it’s different and a step ahead.” The evening ended with a private dinner for guests at Casa Lever.

If you are in the market for contemporary art, Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld is obviously the man to call. Thanks to GalleristNY, here is a sample of the art for sale via Sotheby's:

Nicolas Pol
"Charogne Mountain"
Oil on canvas

Albert Oehlen
Acrylic and oil on canvas

Rob Fischer
"Bird in Space (All of a Twist)"
Polished aluminum airplane propeller and granite pedestal

Angel Otero
"Victory (SK-HF) (Poussin Series)"
Oil and oil paint skins collaged on canvas

Francesca DiMattio
China paint and underglaze on porcelain

Ali Banisadr
Oil on linen

Allora & Calzadilla
"Solar Catastrophe"
Broken solar panel fragments, collage on linen and solid-faced aluminum stretcher

View the entire catalog for Hue + Cry, A Selling Exhibition Curated by Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld

Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld et al photographs © 2012 Condé Nast and courtesy of galleristyny.com.


The Roitfelds At New York Fashion Week

Carine Roitfeld, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld at New York Fashion Week photographs courtesy of Condé Nast, Getty Images, bfanyc.com, patrickmcmullan.com, tumblr, hauteliving.com, purple.fr, weartrends.com, examiner.com, gotham-magazine.com, wwd.com, kansascity.com, paulwilmotcommunications.tumblr.com, Steve Eichner, net-a-porter.nowmanifest.com.


CR Fashion Book: Le Frick, C'Est Chic

I had the pleasure of seeing Carine Roitfeld for the first time ever and I have decided to share the adventure with you, sparing little of the fabulous detail. My wonderful beau, Michael, and I met up with Kate Ringo Suzuki, Renee Hernandez, and Sartorial Girl for drinks during Fashion Week in New York and of course the conversation shifted to Carine Roitfeld almost immediately. I mentioned that the secret location for the CR Fashion Book launch party was the Frick, which happened to be taking place that night. After much convincing from the group, I agreed to stalk Carine which, contrary to rumor, I had never done before.

We started our stakeout with hors d’œuvres and cocktails at The Mark, the hotel where Carine was staying according to The New York Times. Although we knew she would have already departed for her party, we wanted to get into the CR groove and, well, those sliders are incroyable. As is the chic tiled foyer, je l'adore.

We then cabbed downtown to the Frick and as we alighted from our car, I was delighted to notice four Mercedes emblazoned with her signature CR — brown, white, grey, black — all idling curbside. Carine was here! And it looked as if she would make her exit shortly! We giggled excitedly, the only CR groupies in sight.

As we waited, we were treated to watching various guests examine a display copy of CR Fashion Book while sitting in the front seat of the lead Mercedes, obviously fulfilling a marketing requirement as the flashbulbs snapped. I managed to coax a huge smile from Anna Dello Russo with my excited shout, "Anna, bellissima!" as she emerged from the CR Mercedes. Andre J was another crowd pleaser.

A few minutes later, I asked Natalie Hazard (the woman in charge of the publicity vehicles) if we could look at the display copy of CR Fashion Book. She replied, "You just want to look at one?" No, of course I would prefer to buy one. She said we could buy as many as we wanted for $20 each! I ran back to the group and the $20s flew into my hand... We scored CR Fashion Book five days in advance at the launch party at the Frick, and saved on the enormous cost of postage, truly amazing.

Then came the moments we had all been waiting for... First Monsieur Christian Restoin appeared in front of me and I gasped in recognition. Carine's partner in real life! She is really here! She will likely exit from the same door! Mon dieu! My hair! Why this weather on this day?! What the Frick?!

Soon after followed Vladimir! I hope I didn't startle him too badly with my intense gaze. It was strange listening to him talk with his friends, the whole experience was entirely surreal, like the pages of style.com come to life... There's Derek Blasberg... It's Richard Chai... Lily Donaldson... Mario Sorrenti… Waris Ahluwalia… I must confess that I saw Julia only from the back, I did not recognize her in person.

Next Giovanna Battaglia danced down the stairs of the Frick, posing at the bottom as if just for me. Gio is absolutely stunning in real life, her beauty is breathtaking; I hope she did not notice my gasp. Dressed in black lace and a green headband, she seemed anxious to move on to the next party.

Finally came the pièce de résistance — Carine Roitfeld made her way to the door and stood at the top of the stairs, luminous even in the dim lighting, before descending to the sidewalk and the car awaiting her. Carine gleams in real life, as if a light shines from within, and she was kind enough to stop and pose for photographers before making her grand exit. Quelle nuit !

I was also thrilled to bump into two of the coolest men in media: Fabien Constant, the director of Mademoiselle C., the forthcoming documentary about Carine Roitfeld and the creation of CR Fashion Book; and Brent Murray, one of three photographers admitted access to the event, who kindly permitted me to publish his adorable photograph of Carine and Vladimir which leads off this story — merci mille fois, Monsieur Murray! The other images accompanying the story are mine, such as they are, given the lighting, the weather, and my enormous excitement. Thanks to all for an unforgettable evening!

Carine Roitfeld and Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld photograph © 2012 Brent Murray. Carine Roitfeld et al photographs © 2012 Kellina de Boer. All Rights Reserved.


Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld's New Haircut

I was shocked to see that Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld is sporting a new shorter hairdo, quelle surprise ! He was photographed while in Brazil for a show he curated by Nicolas Pol in São Paulo. What did Vladimir most want to see during his visit to Brazil? "A football match with Neymar. But the schedule is too tight, it will be virtually impossible." What do you think of Vladi's new coiffure — oui ou non ?

Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld © 29012 Grupo Glamuram. All Rights Reserved.


Catching Up With The Roitfelds

I have a hodgepodge of items related to the Roitfelds that may interest you, so permit me to fire them at you in random order…

First the fantastic psychedelic chic of the lead photograph, captured by Olivier Zahm as the Roitfeld family dined at Omen in New York.

Note that The Little Black Jacket by Carine Roitfeld and Karl Lagerfeld publishes today — you have approximately five more hours in which to enter our essay contest for your chance to win a free copy of the book as well as a black IWTBAR tee.

An angelic image of Lara Stone is currently featured on CR Fashion Book, Carine gives wings to fashion yet again… Dare I say it is divine….

The date has changed for Carine Roitfeld's talk as part of the Creative Leaders program at the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) in New York. The event will take place on Monday, 5 November.

The Little Black Jacket photography exhibit will travel to the Saatchi Gallery in London, on display 12–29 October.

Los Angeles brand Co has released a short film titled Tependris Rising to accompany their new collection. Illustrated by Konstantin Kakanias, the short focuses on the imaginary designer Mrs. Tependris with real life fashion stars such as Carine Roitfeld seated front row. Tependris Rising is directed by The Pain.

“CBS Sunday Morning” will air a profile of Carine Roitfeld on 9 September.

Carine Roitfeld, Julia and Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld photos courtesy of purple.fr and co-collections.com via youtube.com

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