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Roitfeld Beauty Secret: Confidence

Our delightful editor-at-large Kate Ringo Suzuki has encouraging news for all of us: it is possible to share in Carine Roitfeld's secret to beauty and it is absolutely free! Please read on to learn for yourself how you, too, can have that Roitfeld je ne sais quoi in just three easy steps… I am confident you will enjoy the lesson. Thanks for breaking it down, Kate!

Roitfeld Beauty Secret: Confidence
By Kate Ringo Suzuki

Equipment shirt… Check.

Balenciaga pencil skirt… Check.

Alaïa heels… Check.

Kohl rimmed eyes… Check.

There you go, you have the signature Carine Roitfeld look. You're welcome.

Wait a minute, not so fast! If you truly desire to emulate the compelling allure of La Roitfeld, forgo a spending spree at Barneys, it is unnecessary. I am going to let you in on a little secret — the secret to grabbing up Carine Roitfeld style! And by the way, I know it is hard to believe but her beauty secret comes absolutely free of charge. It can be had by all!

Come closer and I’ll whisper it into your ear. Shhhhhh… Carine Roitfeld’s most potent beauty elixir is timeless, enduring, free (did I mention free?), and completely intoxicating to everyone in her presence. Her beauty secret is called: Confidence. Not sold in a Sephora near you, I can assure you of that.

Here is my big promise: Follow these guidelines and you can project confidence, too.

  1. Carine Roitfeld understands that youthfulness is a state of being. She is not obsessed with looking young because she is too busy enjoying life. She has l'art de vivre down pat. Although she is a very busy woman, she never appears to be burned out. On the contrary, Ms. Roitfeld retains a sense of fun. You need only to watch any interview of her on YouTube to see it for yourself. She is sharp and witty, light and charming.
  2. Carine Roitfeld always appears to be comfortable in her own skin. This is a woman who has no qualms about being photographed (fabulously) wearing nothing more than a black thong and white pumps. Ok, fine. It helps that she has a figure that many 25 year olds dream of having, but let us not overlook the power of Confident Body Language, otherwise known as C.B.L. Grab up any photo of Carine Roitfeld and you will see that her shoulders are relaxed, her chin is up, and her eyes pierce through like a tigress stalking its prey.
  3. Carine Roitfeld has jolie laide (or in English, pretty ugly). She parades her quirky good looks with pride. Eyebrows remain ungroomed (all the more to dramatically frame her tigress gaze), and her face exhibits pleasing lines when she smiles (the anti-New York look). And no, despite numerous fashion writers’ claims, for the last time, no, she does not look like Iggy Pop, for crying out loud. She is much prettier than Iggy Pop. And much more refined. I am confident enough to say this.

Don’t forget the three magical ingredients to intoxicating confidence: Have some fun, remember your C.B.L., and parade your quirky good looks with pride!

Carine Roitfeld photographs © 2010 Alexandra De Lapierre and courtesy of alltheprettybirds.blogspot.com and Fashion Spot.

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Reader Comments (12)

12 août 2012 | Unregistered Commentercca.
Kate, wonderful as always! And of course you're so right - Carine's confidence, via the 3 points you mentioned, are why she would look good, even in a burlap sack!
12 août 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLee
kate this is such a great article! love your advice, I couldn't agree more!! :)
13 août 2012 | Unregistered Commenterdara block
Quite right, cca.!

13 août 2012 | Registered Commenterkellina
LOL, Lee, thanks for this thought, now I am imagining how Carine would style herself in a burlap sack...
13 août 2012 | Registered Commenterkellina
Dara, I am so happy you enjoyed it, thank you for your comment!
13 août 2012 | Registered Commenterkellina
Some of her outfit is like a joke u know? But i wish she dressed more like the photo no. 1 and no. 3
13 août 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBERNIE
B, is it the leopard print that is bothering you? LOL I think she dresses like a dream.
13 août 2012 | Registered Commenterkellina
Umm actually no just the purple shoes and that larger than life hat is kinda disturbing then the lace up shoes ummm
14 août 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBERNIE
Hush, Bernie...the purple shoes make the outfit! And look at that confident smile! C'mon now. ;)
14 août 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKate
The best things in life are free! Not sold at Sephora, true Kate style. Luved this read!
14 août 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMoi
I absolutely loved this write up! You are right on......and such an important accessory in the ensemble of life!
16 août 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLa Maison Fou

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