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CR Fashion Book: Becoming Human

CR Fashion Book: Becoming Human
By Renee Hernandez

It did not surprise me to see actor Michael B. Jordan’s words, "Becoming Human," in the latest issue of CR Fashion Book. Actors such as Anne Hathaway and Kirsten Dunst among others have contributed short stories or essays in past issues.

In the editorial "Lee Daniels Fairy Tale Theater," Oscar winner Lee Daniels gives us a modern reinterpretation of all the classic fairy tales — Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty — starring Joan Smalls as the heroine and, for obvious reasons, Michael B. Jordan as the leading man. My instinct tells me that Carine Roitfeld is on to something by spotlighting him twice in this issue.

I confess, I have been following MBJ for a while now. He won my heart as Vince in Friday Night Lights (my all-time favorite television show), and that high schooler/super hero with telekinetic powers in Chronicle. I have never seen the series The Parenthood but I’ve read that he was great in that as well. Wallace in The Wire. And now the role of a lifetime in Fruitvale Station where his performance as shooting victim Oscar Grant has everyone drawing comparisons to major heavyweight Denzel Washington.

Fruitvale Station is a powerful yet heartbreaking portrayal of the last 24 hours of Grant’s life. You see a love story develop towards all the people he cares about and yet you know what’s going to happen. I think the real power of this film is feeling that constant struggle between good and evil from within... coming to that inevitable fork in the road and trying to make the right decision. That is so real to me. Michael B. Jordan plays this with just the right balance and nuance. Oh man, I was a complete goner. It reminds me of Jordan’s character in Friday Night Lights because I think he also struggled with the same complicated urges.

I loved reading Michael B. Jordan’s process on getting into character. This is my favorite part:

“To make it as real as possible, in each character you have to find a little bit of yourself, and you have to really be vulnerable and raw. You have to be completely honest with yourself in order to give an honest performance.

I always write a journal for my character: where he’s coming from, his fears, his strengths, what he ate that day, the last time he got into an argument, the last time he got whupped, does he get whupped, is he a hard worker, is he a dreamer, is he a pessimist. All of that molds and shapes my character and how he will act and react in certain situations. It’s cool to see characters make a decision, and I always think I just happen to be playing some really amazing characters who have to make some tough choices in the moment and who people, really, really care about.”

I think Carine Roitfeld is telling us that it is time to pay attention to Michael B. Jordan.

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CR Fashion Book editorial images © 2014 CR Fashion Book.


The Roitfelds At Cinema Against AIDS Gala 

For the annual amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala at Cannes, this year Carine Roitfeld chose a silver dress by Saint Laurent while Julia appeared in a black gown by Givenchy. I love that Carine continues her Cannes tradition by wearing her beloved Alaïa lace ups, quelle femme.

See Carine Roitfeld on the red carpet

See Julia Restoin Roitfeld on the red carpet

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Carine Roitfeld and Julia Restoin Roitfeld photographs © 2014 Getty Images. All Rights Reserved.


Julia Restoin Roitfeld En Blanc

Julia Restoin Roitfeld En Blanc
By Sarra Salib

It is undeniable that Julia Restoin Roitfeld likes to dress in white as much as she does in black and leopard print. I began thinking of writing about Julia’s love for dressing in white a while ago, and ironically enough, Vogue Spain recently styled an editorial featuring Julia appropriately titled "La Dama de Blanco." A month later, Madame Figaro released their April issue with Julia on the cover clad in a white ensemble. I have officially decided to take the emerging pattern a bit further to showcase some of Julia’s noteworthy white outfits, perhaps that will spark inspiration for this summer!

It would be more befitting to start with her daytime looks in white, which are styled in the signature French simple yet feminine light. When summer gets too hot, it’s all the more appropriate to show your tanned skin in form-fitting and cool silhouettes. Julia does just that with Alexander Wang’s white jersey dress, which she styled slightly differently but still with Yves Saint Laurent pumps and a gold cuff on the two separate occasions. What’s admirable about Julia Restoin Roitfeld is that she stays true to her style. Nothing is ever overdone for the sake of being “fashion” or following trends and looking like a complete replica of the runway. It is the essence of Julia's style that still hasn’t faded away.

Next is one of my favorite looks, a lacy mesh dress with the beloved Miu Miu sky high peep toe platforms. Another thing to admire about Julia is that she is not afraid to repeat an outfit or wear the same shoes more than once or twice. She is practical and wise to understand that these are investment pieces that are meant to be worn several times. We will see these accessories as common elements in the next outfits. The oddball in this outfit is the oversized purse — such a heavy looking thing is out of character for Julia, but perhaps she had a little extra to carry.

If you want a look that is more flowy, but still simple and light, there’s the Topshop one shoulder A-line dress paired with Balenciaga sandals. This is extremely chic and comfortable for a summer day out in the city with friends and family. I like how Julia added the green fringe purse for a pop of color against the white.

If you are not partial to dresses, there’s the silk shirt and short skirt ensemble. Here Julia Restoin Roitfeld wore an Equipment sheer silk blouse — her father’s line — with the sleeves rolled up as always, paired with a classy skirt and Miu Miu strappy shoes. Only Julia can dress up a sheer blouse and manage to look elegant at the same time. Once again, the key is to keep it simple! If you are going to wear a sheer blouse, make that the statement piece and simplify the shape and everything else so as to stay effortless and breezy.

Not only does Julia have an array of daytime looks in white, there's also a plethora of evening wear to admire. First is this beautiful dress that emphasizes the waist, accessorized with a beige clutch, Givenchy shoes, and — my favorite accessory of all time — the Pamela Love gold talon cuff. This could even double as an appropriate formal outfit for a work function.

Next is the classic little white dress with the leather jacket. We’ve seen Julia Restoin Roitfeld do this look before, but now it is more edgy, sophisticated, and grown-up. The shiny leather biker jacket with zipper detailing is a definite statement piece that adds edginess and breaks up the femininity and fragility of the dress. This look is a perfect combination of austerity, masculinity, and delicacy. Notice how Julia has taken it to a higher ground by doing a prominent cat eye. It is the perfect touch to tie the whole outfit together.

We all know that Julia is famous for borrowing from the wardrobe of her maman, Carine Roitfeld. She did not hesitate to borrow this statement Dolce & Gabbana number in white with flawless cut-out detailing for her appearance at the launch of the Savelli Smart Phone in Paris. She paired it with Miu Miu’s pointed pumps, which I believe she had repaired after they broke because she loved these particular shoes so much.

Last is a strapless dress gathered at the waist with the slightest hint of volume at the bottom, worn with Tom Ford shoes. This look is different from the others because we rarely see Julia go strapless or with her hair up, but she looked fabuleux.

This leads us to long evening wear, where we must begin with the angelic curve-hugging dress that Julia Restoin Roitfeld wore to Natalia Vodianova’s White Fairy Tale Love Ball. Notice how the look was kept to the absolute minimal with only a ring and a silver clutch at hand. Julia knew that the dress itself was the perfect statement piece for the theme; therefore, there was no need for superfluous accessories that might have dominated the look. Well done, Julia, and what a figure!

And who can forget when Julia stunned us all with her post-Romy figure in a crop top with a matching long pencil skirt for a dinner celebration of Romy and the Bunnies? Julia wore the same look recently, but paired it with a long black cape. Crop tops are tricky enough, much less adding the element of a cape to the mix. It’s amazing how she managed to convert this look for an outside party to an ultra-glamorous night party by adding and taking away a few things. The main thing we ought to pay attention to is the confidence that Julia exudes. A woman cannot simply wear a crop top and be insecure in her skin. You must be confident and know that you look as fabulous as ever.

Setting the bar for the sheer and lace trends, Julia wore a sheer dress with tiny flower details finished with minimalist makeup and her bespoke "Julia" clutch in Lucite by Edie Parker for the premiere of the film Mademoiselle C in New York City.

Finally, Julia Restoin Roitfeld donned a white satin pleated and embroidered dress at the Tribeca Film Festival and accessorized with some dangerously sexy studded heels and a leather clutch.

Voila! There you have a number of daytime and evening looks in white as inspired by the most beautiful Julia. I could add many more to the list, but consider this the more modern and updated lookbook of Julia Restoin Roitfeld wearing white. It is always interesting to look back and analyze how Julia's style evolved from pre- to post-Romy; however it evolves, her style will always be timeless, classy, and epitomize the French effortless chic glamor. Happy summer!

[Editor's note: Notice that Julia Restoin Roitfeld is also wearing a white dress in the IWTBAR masthead illustration by Isabelle Oziol de Pignol.]

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Julia Restoin Roitfeld photographs courtesy of models.com and Fashion Spot.


I Want To Be A Roitfeld: Year Five

Today is 16 May, my favorite day of the year — I Want To Be A Roitfeld is five years old today! It is incredible to note that for half of a decade this site has been devoted to the Roitfeld family — Carine, Julia, and Vladimir — what adventures we have had! Best of all, the lily of the valley, or le muguet, is in bloom today, the most glorious herald of spring, the fragrance intoxicates. In case you are not in a position to smell the wondrous lily of the valley yourself, I picked you posies from my garden to celebrate the day.

First, a virtual bouquet for you, dear reader, for you are our raison d'être, without you we write for naught. Merci mille fois especially to those of you that dare to comment and offer your own opinion on our subjects.

Next, a bouquet for my incredible editorial team, Dara Block, Jascmeen Bush, Jessica Eritou, Renee Hernandez, Montse Ocejo, Bernie Rothschild, and Sarra Salib. I am continually inspired by all of you and I wholeheartedly thank each of you for contributing your talents to IWTBAR.

Finally, a special nosegay for my beloved Michael, Sweet Pea, and Walter, for the constant love and encouragement, ich liebe dich.


Joyeux anniversaire, ma geai bleue.

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Carine Roitfeld, Julia and Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld photos courtesy of Fashion Spot. Walter photos © 2014 Kellina de Boer.


Julia Restoin-Roitfeld At Tribeca Film Festival

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Julia Restoin-Roitfeld photograph © 2014 Getty Images. All Rights Reserved.

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