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Le Bal Masqué De Vogue Paris Photos

As you all know, Carine Roitfeld and Vogue Paris staged a masquerade ball at the Hotel Pozzo di Borgo in Paris in order to revel in the magazine's 90th birthday. And revel they did! I reveled as well though elsewhere so I am just getting around to adding the photographs to the gallery et voilàle bal masqué de Vogue Paris photos! I love how The New York Times noted that the extensive preparation by the guests for the masked ball indicated "the pent-up demand among the fashion elite for a truly decadent affair." Indeed. Per usual, Carine Roitfeld knew how to satiate the desire. May the next ninety years of Vogue Paris be as bold, as decadent, as irreverent, as audacious, as fun.

Carine Roitfeld and Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld photograph © 2010 Getty Images. All Rights Reserved.
Julia Restoin-Roitfeld photograph © 2010 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld and Giovanna Battaglia courtesy of theimportanceofbeingoreo.wordpress.com

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Reader Comments (14)

Excuse me, Kellina! Where's Giovanna?
3 octobre 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGala
Sorry, Gala, I haven't found her yet! I cannot express to you how far behind I am right now!

; )

More to come so stay tuned for Gio... All links to photos welcomed...
3 octobre 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina
All right, Gala, found a photo of Giovanna and must say she looks smashing! Thank you for your patience.

: )
3 octobre 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina
Also, I think that Giovanna looks quite like Audrey Hepburn peeking out of that mask. j'adore!
3 octobre 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina
wow, I must say Julia is so beautiful, such a beauty, she has a style that suits her perfect, sexy but not vulgar. I rarely see someone who wears red lipstick so good. Thank you for these pictures and this site where we can enjoy reading about our beauty Carine!
4 octobre 2010 | Unregistered Commentermaya
Thanks,Kellina!!Thanks!!Come hai fatto a scovarla!!Mi sembrava strano che alla festa non ci fosse!Nessuno,tranne qualcuno,a quanto pare aveva questa foto!!Brava!!
4 octobre 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGala
Wow Kellina, amazing amount of photos! Thanks for digging them out! For me, AdR wears by far the best outfit! Closely followed by Gisele Bundchen whose outfit is so simple yet so sexy. Julia looks amazing too. Carine's outfit doesn't do it for me. The worst by far is Kate Moss - OMG! What's going on with her??
4 octobre 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAmina
Awww, Maya, it is my pleasure! I utterly agree, few women wear red lipstick with the same impact as Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, it is most becoming on her.
4 octobre 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina
Gala, I am happy that I could find Giovanna, it had been bothering me too that she was not here! Grazie!

: D
4 octobre 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina
Thanks a bunch, Amina! I am delighted that you are enjoying all the photos. I think I could keep adding pix for days, there are so many from the party! I agree that ADR is a standout, and I love Gisele's mask especially. I thought Lily Donaldson looked outstanding though typically I hardly notice her. I also thought Lara Stone's dress was beautiful and stood apart from the sea of black lace.
4 octobre 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina
Anna D.R.'s costume is the star of the show in my books! Crazy cool. Thanks for the pictures Kellina! :)
4 octobre 2010 | Unregistered Commentercupcake
No problem, Cupcake! Crazy cool is a great way to describe Anna's costume!

: D
4 octobre 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina
Was Christian R at the party???
4 octobre 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAmina
Excellent question, Amina! I have not seen Christian Restoin at the masquerade ball yet... He must have attended though... Does anyone out there have a photo of Carine's partner au bal masqué de Vogue Paris ?
4 octobre 2010 | Registered Commenterkellina

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